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Cassie Storyweaver
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About me

The truth is, I never outgrew my love for playing make-believe: even when all the literary heroes were men; even when I was the only girl at the table; even when being a geek was not cool. I started playing RPG’s in high school. Our Advanced D&D, games started Friday night and ended sometime Saturday. RPGs have changed a lot since then, and I love that play has evolved to include character development arcs and storytelling. Of course, bashing monsters is still fun, too! We play because RPGs are FUN. I love setting up the circumstances and then sitting back and watching the shenanigans ensue. I am addicted to the moments when a player tries something I had not seen coming, or when a life or death PC moment is determined by the dice. I love welcoming new people to my table. As a GM I bring to the table patience, the ability to listen, and flexibility. I am a teacher by profession and by nature (TESOL) and get a serious high from enabling others to engage in storytelling. I will do my best to support players new to the game, as well as those who may struggle to express themselves. At my table, I take player safety seriously. Players of all levels and backgrounds are welcome. Language that is intended to hurt – racist comments, sexual harassment, etc – will not be tolerated. As a table, we will be clear about avoiding triggers, and where we draw the veil (fade to black). You can find my Roll 20 profile at:

GM style

I think I generally run games "Rules as Written". Which is funny, because my players think I run more on the "Rule of Cool" game style. I guess that means I'm balanced between the two. Crunching numbers does not scare me. I've played rolemaster for 10 years - n'uff said. Role play is one of my "jams". I like to give NPC's, and monsters, voices and personalities ... and tactical sense. But I work hard at giving players plenty of space to enjoy their own role-playing, too. My other jam is visual content. I obsess over creating maps, tokens, and flavor visuals to communicate my vision of the in-game world. Check out some of my work on Inkarnate:


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