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I sure like playing D&D and doing silly little voices and things! I've been playing D&D since I was about sixteen. My good friend Elaine's boyfriend ran a game for myself and a few other dewy-eyed RPG infants, and was there to teach me as I made my first character, rolled my first attack, and vanquished my first foe. I was super excited to play again - right up until he and Elaine broke up the day before our second session and our group fell apart forever. Determined not to give up on this newfound hobby, I decided my three and one half hours of D&D experience made me qualified to run my own game, and thus embarked on the first of many marvelous adventures full of laughter and tears, triumphant successes and comical failures, and above all else, fun. I still love D&D just as much as I did as a spotty sixteen year old, but nowadays that love is enhanced with six years, seven major campaigns, and countless one-shots worth of DMing experience, not to mention a whole library of sourcebooks, folders full of maps, music, and character art, and a voice that no longer cracks every other sentence.

GM style

If you are new to the hobby and are feeling overwhelmed or like you don't know how to start, feel free to contact me! I have loads of experience teaching D&D to new players, and offer discounted sessions to help guide new players through character creation and the basic rules of the game. Both I and a lot of my players have come from a theater or theater-adjacent background, which has tended to make my games fairly role-play heavy. While I absolutely believe combat is a core part of the D&D experience, players who are only interest in the tactical wargame aspect of role playing games would likely have a more fulfilling time with a different DM. I think the point of playing D&D is the same as that of any other game: to have fun. I do my best to structure my sessions and pace my campaign in a manner that reflects that, ensuring everyone at the table feels included and like they have accomplished something every session. I stick to published rules for the most part, but will happily whip something up on the fly to adjudicate novel situations or creative problem solving - I think the biggest strength of tabletop gaming is the flexibility that comes from having a live human DM running the whole system and try to facilitate players taking advantage of that as much as possible. I have experience running a wide variety of different campaign styles, including completely homebrew adventures set in original settings, collaboratively DM'd West Marches style exploration games, and straight-from-the-box Wizards of the Coast campaigns. I have also run dozens of one-shots, including a whole portfolio of original joke adventures each centered around a truly groan-inducing punchline. The tone of my games has also varied widely to fit players' wants and the nature of the campaign, including both lighthearted comedy-focused romps where a good punchline is as important as achieving victory, and more serious and morally gray campaigns where the party has to try their best to make their way in a world where there aren't necessarily any right answers. That being said, I avoid gratuitously dark and edgy content, and do not permit things like rape or torture at my table. This rule goes double with regard to other player characters - I have a zero tolerance policy for that kind of nonsense and will ban anyone who tries to roleplay a sexual assault or anything of that nature on another PC. If anything written above sounds appealing, or if you just clicked on my profile at random and are too lazy to see what anyone else has to offer, please feel free to send me a message (DM the DM, so to speak)! D&D is at its best when the players and DM are on the same page about the kind of story they want to tell together, so don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have.

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