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Hello players! I'm a GM of many a system with over 10 years of experience. I specialize in homebrew short term campaigns, but I'd be more than willing to take on the right long term campaign as well. I am lgbtq+, nonbinary femme, and accepting of everyone as long as you're not spreading hate. My pronouns are whatever, most people use she or they and that's fine, but use what you feel comfortable with. Give me your campaign ideas! I love running new and unusual homebrews, so tell me your idea and I'll do what I can to make it happen.

GM style

I love role-playing! Combat is fun and will be present, but generally it takes a back seat to character development.The story your characters help craft shapes encounters whether combat, puzzles, or narrative, and I want that to be the driving force at the forefront of my games. Similarly, while established rules are important, rule of cool reigns! Have an idea that operates outside rules as written? Make a case for how it can further the narrative and we will see if it can be done. My goal in most games is for you to explore the character you've made, and by extension yourself. Tabletops can be a great way to introspect! This is not to say you won't be having fun and many games will be more light-hearted and simple than that may imply. But for my long term campaigns (especially for Thirsty Sword Lesbians and PokéHorror), I want to make you feel feelings and become one with your characters! After all, you'll be them for longer times. The shorter campaigns can be great introductions to the world of tabletop rpgs while also offering something for veterans. So whether this is your first or thousandth session the goal is to have fun. Book a session today and enjoy the journey. PLEASE NOTE: I have a one-warning policy. If you for any reason make another player uncomfortable, make me derail in a way that is uncomfortable, or violate any consent or triggering issues that are brought up *before* the game starts, you will get one warning before you are removed from my game. I use several safety tools, please use them. If you want a safety tool used that I do not usually use, please tell me, I will work with you.

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