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About me

Hello Adventurers! If you are looking for a fun but also challenging adventuring experience with plenty of space to develop your characters personality, I'd love to have you in my campaigns. Grab your dice and roll for combat! My name is Ryan and I might be what people would call a Tabletop nerd and I'm proud of it. I've been playing in TTRPG games since I was 13 at home with my family. When Pathfinder 2nd Edition came out I joined a couple games and started GM'ing a couple more and haven't looked back since. Personally, in Pathfinder 2nd Edition the combat feels balanced and challenging and I want to bring that to my tables. What's best is that it does so without sacrificing the ability to adlib and come up with creative solutions. I am also a Venture Lieutenant for Pathfinder Organized play in Suffolk County, New York. Hope to play with you soon!

GM style

I like to make the games I run a bit challenging but not overwhelming. What I mean by that is that I tone what I do in combat to the experience level and ability of the party. For instance I might not have the big baddie target all it's attacks on one character if it would instantly drop that character. With that being said I do believe in killing characters if it comes around to it. A character death in my opinion is just an opportunity to create more story. Do you come back as some sort of spirit? Maybe even undead? Is your new character the dead's cousin now out for revenge? I try to use everything as an opportunity to build and tell a story. I love doing voices (even though they can range from great to comically bad at times.) Creating a scene then carrying the results of that scene to later parts of the game is what I think makes a great campaign.

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