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About me

Autistic Jew who will run games for YOU! (The games aren't about Judaism or autism, just scaring away the people who have a problem with that.) I pride myself on running games that are well-balanced in all aspects. Role play and combat, comedy and drama, easy and challenging moments both. I'm the kind of DM who enjoys his players' successes just as much as their failures, so I run a fair game where both good guys and bad guys get lucky breaks and the short straw in equal measure. No bigotry here. Accepting of all races, gender identities, sexual orientations, nationalities, and neurodivergency, and expect the same from all my players. That said, I won't run games for anyone under 18, and sadly, I only speak English. I make sure we discuss what everyone's comfortable with and establish boundaries before playing.

GM style

Hosting: Currently only hosting online games, using Discord to talk and D&D Beyond for character building and battle maps. Players will be asked to have a D&D Beyond account so I can give them control of a character that's connected to my campaign and has access to all the character-building options from my library of sourcebooks and personal homebrew. Organization: The Discord server will have channels for general discussion, sharing memes, artwork, and all kinds of in-story reference, including a list of NPCs you've met, information on locations you've been to, and an adventure log of the session's events. Plot: One-shots I generally run with a story that I ask players to make characters tailored to the premise for. Campaigns are more open, with me having a main story prepared but giving players plenty of information about the setting to create the kind of character they want to play and making sure to include story material tailored to everybody. Role Play: I can do a fair amount of voices, and make characters who are distinctive and can bounce off the party well. Be warned though, there will be social consequences if you're a jerk to them. I can do comedy and drama as needed. Combat: I like to present a challenge, but never too much for the party to handle (unless I did that on purpose). If I accidentally go overboard in the difficulty of an encounter, I'll find ways to balance it out. I have some homebrew rules that may make things a little tougher (example: when halving an odd amount of damage, I round up instead of down), but these rules apply to the enemies just as much as the party. Overall I try to keep things fair, but exciting. Artwork: I cannot draw, but design NPCs in Heroforge and make maps with Inkarnate. I encourage players to share any artwork the game inspires with each other, but AI-generated imagery is not allowed in my games. I would rather you have a crummy stick figure for a character portrait than something nobody actually made that steals from hard-working artists. Vibes: My aim is to have everyone get along and be respectful to each other. I want to create a fun environment where peoples' boundaries and triggers are minded and open discussion is encouraged. If out-of-character conflict arises between players, I will do my best to resolve it amicably, and if one player in particular is causing problems or being too disruptive, I will remove them from the game. Scheduling: I do my best to be communicative with everybody, and make sure we're all on the same page. If we're running a long-term campaign, I will try to make it so we can keep a consistent schedule. If players have to miss a session, I will see about rescheduling or even running a replacement one-shot so they don't miss the main story. Sometimes life gets in the way and I may have to miss a session, so I'll be sure to make everyone aware so we can reschedule ahead of time.

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