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About me

Hi! My name's Cameron. I've been GMing since D&D 4th Edition, and since then primarily run D&D 5th Edition, as well as some games using Savage Worlds, FATE, and now Pathfinder 2e! My focus is on engaging and dynamic stories, working equal parts role-play, deduction and action into my sessions. I love making stupid voices and bring a ton energy and exuberance to the table. My top priority is of course to make sure everyone is having a good time, even if your characters aren’t! My table is open to all comers, so bring your dice and get rolling!

GM style

I like to make voices for my NPCs, and create dynamic, dramatic encounters. I enjoy challenging my players, and often present them with problems I don't know the answer to. Any combat encounters I run I try to resolve quickly and have a good variety of foes to keep players on their toes. Rarely do my combat encounters become "slogfests". Honestly, there isn't an aspect of TTRPGs I strongly dislike. Whatever direction my players go in, I seem to always find some way of making it engaging and fun!

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