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Hello! I am a Professional GM with access to both many pre-published adventure settings across multiple rulesets as well as custom campaign settings and adventures just waiting to grasp your attention and that of your characters. I am both for hire by groups looking to replace a DM or find one for the first time or by players looking for an available seat at a long-term campaign. All experience levels from beginner to expert are welcomed at my tables. Never played an RPG before or haven’t played in years? Don’t worry. I’ll teach you everything you need. Play often? We have some great stuff for you too! Want to start a game for your family or your children and their friends? I have day and evening slots available. I've been gaming for over 40 years, having started as a much younger man with the original AD&D Basic set. Since those times I've played and GM'ed in more games and campaigns than I could ever count. I've ran 1st ed AD&D, 2nd Ed AD&D, 3.5, 5e, Pathfinder, and Pathfinder 2e and many more. I run games both pbp on Myth-Weavers as well as multiple campaigns in real life and via Fantasy Grounds VTT. Just ask any of my players what you should expect. Reviews are available on both my GM page as well as from the 100+ active and former players on my discord channel, so just ask for an invite and join us today.

GM style

Hosted Game Details ■ 3-6 Player virtual tabletop. ■ 3-4 hours of gameplay per session ■ Individualized character creation chats with each player where we will discuss your character mechanically and your background to bring you into the game and your character feeling at home. ■ Session zero to be done before the actual game is played, where we will go through any questions regarding character creation and backstory, world lore, and boundaries that are not in the rules. ■ Character creation will be possible through Discord or on Fantasy Grounds. Booking Cost ■ 6 player table = $25 per player/session. ■ 5 player table = $30 per player/session. ■ 4 player table = $35 per player/session. ■ 3 player table = $45 per player/session. What am I paying for? ■ For a dedicated and skilled Game Master with 35+ years of experience and a group of like-minded players who plan to finish an adventure together. ■ Everyone gets a time to shine, and no one gets left out. Your fun at the table matters to me. ■ Whether you pick an adventure module or an original campaign, a lot of detail is paid to the story told and your character’s part in it. ■ A safe environment managed by your industrious GM and fellow players to ensure that everyone at the table has fun. ■ High production quality through a suite of fantastically managed Fantasy Grounds Extensions and Modifications! I scour the internet for the best online play resources! Animated maps, beautiful dungeons, and much more await. ■ Expert use of Syrinscape and a suite of audio effects to bring in better immersion and to elevate your game. ■ A DM that won't ghost your campaign and players that will actually be there every session and be invested in the game as well as character and group development. GM Style My storytelling style is definitely old school but also adaptable and varied, depending on the audience. I prefer to adhere to the spirit of the rules (RAI) rather than the letter of the rules (RAW), and I excel at open world storylines that allow players to explore and experience the world at their own pace. I emphasize character development through the use of their characters backstories, and I take the time to learn about my players' preferences and styles to tailor my approach to the group as a whole. So, I can handle the kick in the door and slay the monster and take the fat loots groups as well as those wanting heavy roleplay and political intrigue. Thank you for taking the time to learn about me, and I hope you have a wonderful day and look forward to playing with you.


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