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About me

Hey there, future gaming buddies! Burt! here, your go-to Dungeon Master, Game Master, Storyteller, Referee, and all-around gaming expert. With over 20 years of tabletop RPG experience, Burt! is the perfect person to lead you and your group through an unforgettable adventure. Burt! is well-versed in a variety of games, including DnD (Pathfinder and other d20 games), White Wolf Games (WoD), and Wrath and Glory, just to name a few. Although Burt! slightly prefers DnD/Pathfinder games, Burt! is always open to playing whatever game the group wants. When it comes to playing style, Burt! is down for whatever kind of adventure you're after, whether it's a serious narrative or a wild, open-world sandbox. Burt! is all about making sure everyone has a great time, so Burt! asks that all players respect each other's enjoyment. If you're a troll who likes to bring down the mood, well, let's just say you won't be welcome at Burt!'s gaming table. In short, Burt! is like tech support for your boredom, but instead of fixing your computer, Burt! is here to fix your need for adventure and excitement. So if you're ready to embark on an epic journey, look no further than Burt!, your trusty Dungeon Master. Let's roll those dice! “Knowing where the trap is—that's the first step in evading it.” - Frank Herbert, Dune "Maybe, I just mess with them for the sick fun of it, then again, I just as much don't" - Burt!

GM style

Burt! offers a veritable feast of gaming styles. Looking for serious roleplaying? Burt!'s got you covered. Want a madcap, munchkin-filled game? No problem. Prefer tightly-reined narrative story-driven play? Burt! can do that too. Or maybe you're in the mood for a pure anarchical open world full of random encounters? Burt!, will make it work! But regardless of the style you choose, Burt! offers a calm, understanding, and patient approach to gameplay. Burt! sees the game as a fun experience with rules attached, not a scripted reenactment. And Burt! is always respectful of players' needs. Please let Burt! know if there are any considerations that need to be addressed before or during the game. Above all, Burt! wants players to enjoy a few hours of pure, unadulterated adventure. So let Burt! guide you and your friends through a thrilling game that will leave you with unforgettable memories!

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