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2 years on StartPlaying


475 games hosted


Highly rated for: Creativity, Storytelling, Teacher


Average response time: 10 hours


Response rate: 100%

About me

In the vast modern expanse of grueling monotony a, The Burt!, is here to fulfill the role of Boredom Tech Support, (B.T.S). Patching adventure and excitement into mundane moments. Within the vast tapestry of gaming history a, The Burt!, was quietly being shaped and subtly shaping the narratives that unfolded in the world of tabletop adventures – a The Burt! one of The Simple Game Masters™, dedicated themselves to being a Master Game Masseuse, weaving fantastical tales from whim, wind and wonder. With over two questionable decades game running experience a, The Burt! honed their skills to guide those seeking extraordinary journeys. Navigating diverse realms, from classic DnD to the intricate landscapes of White Wolf Games and the thrilling theatrics of Wrath and Glory a, The Burt!, welcomes diverse preferences within the gaming group, even while favoring DnD and Pathfinder. The world of Burt!'s approach to gaming is inclusive*, inviting all participants to the shared spectacle of group imagination. Whether delving into a serious narrative or reveling in the freedom of open-world exploration, a The Burt! approaches each twist and turn with enthusiasm, dedicated to ensuring every player finds joy in the experience. A, The Burt!, is a custodian of enjoyment, a The Burt! encourages adventurers to appreciate the diverse paths leading to merriment and memories. So, when the klaxon to adventure calls, count on one of The Burt! – a steady guide ready to roll the dice and propel you into uncharted territories. Let the pages turn, and let the adventure unfold! “Knowing where the trap is—that's the first step in evading it.” - Dune, Frank Herbert. "Maybe, I just mess with them for the sick fun of it, then again, I just as much don't" - some Burt! *Exceptions to my inclusion rules: No nasty R's, rude, racist or repugnant. The Burt!'s will not accept it at their dinner or game table!

GM style

The Burt! offers a veritable feast of gaming styles. Looking for serious roleplaying? The Burt!'s got you covered. Want a madcap, munchkin-filled game? No problem. Prefer tightly-reined narrative story-driven play? The Burt! can do that too. Maybe you're in the mood for a pure anarchically open world full of random encounters? The Burt!, will make it work! Regardless of the style you choose, The Burt! offers a calm, understanding, and patient approach to gameplay. The Burt! sees the game as a fun experience with rules attached, not a scripted reenactment. The Burt! is always respectful of players' needs. Please let The Burt! know if there are any considerations that need to be addressed before, during or after the game. Above all, The Burt! wants players to enjoy a few hours of pure, unadulterated adventure. So let Burt! guide you and your friends through a thrilling game that will leave you with unforgettable memories!

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