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About me

Hey there! Welcome to my profile! I've been playing and GMing various tabletop roleplaying systems since 2019. I also started teaching D&D 5e to kids in 2021. While I love being a player as often as I can, I love worldbuilding so much that I always end up coming back to running my own games! Since I've immersed myself into worldbuilding, I've also branched out into preparing to write novels set in the various worlds I've created, with plans to possibly use some events of campaigns as plot structures! Beyond that, I enjoy being outside with my partner and our dogs and listening to and playing music! I also wanted to make it known here that I have plans to eventually stream some or most of my games on Twitch, so anyone joining my games should be open to that possibility. If you'd like more information on what you get in one of my games, please see my "GM Style" section! I'm so looking forward to playing with you!

GM style

I run a very narrative, roleplay-heavy game, but I also feel that mechanics and tactics play an important part in a full experience. I prefer to run games with robust characters that have meaningful backstories and come with potential development and arcs rather than players running "builds" that are purely mechanical in focus. Sometimes I purchase ready-made materials like modules or maps, but I pride myself on creating most things on my own. In particular, I really strive to create campaigns that are focused on the Players and their Characters. I mostly build my campaigns around the backstories, motivations, goals, and other traits of Player Characters. Lastly, all of my campaigns feature a FREE Session 0 to go over Safety Tools and Character Creation.

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