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About me

In addition to being a GM, I am a professional RPG author and designer. I've written adventures, rules, and creatures for sixteen products in the Pathfinder and Starfinder product lines. My notable credits include the forthcoming "A Taste of Ashes" from the Blood Lords Adventure Path, "We Be Heroes?" Paizo’s Free RPG Day 2019 adventure, and "Siege of Gallowspire," the finale of Pathfinder Society’s 1st edition campaign. I'm a lifelong TTRPG player and GM. I've run a wide variety of systems, from D&D and Pathfinder to Hero, Battletech, FATE, Delta Green, and many more.

GM style

RPGs are best when the result is shared storytelling. I have ideas for what is likely to happen in a given session, but I work with what the players do and what seems to interest them. I love roleplaying just as much as rolling the dice, and I'm a firm believer that the dice have a story to tell too.


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