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About me

Hey there, I'm Bonus! Gamer with over 9 years of roleplaying experience, specifically as a GM of hundreds of games during that time. I'm excited to be use the hobby to branch out and meet new people, and love sharing the wonderful storytelling experience that comes with tabletop roleplaying games. I had over 12,000 hours on Roll20, but have played exclusively on foundry for well over a year. Take a loot at my work below! Strixhaven Interactive Landing Page - Foundry: Feature Trailer: And this is only the tip of the Game Master Iceberg. I often make my own maps, I write homebrew modules, and I use high-quality assets. I also create free content for people on my Patreon, and have some premium stuff on there too if folks are looking for extra ways to support my work. If you're looking for a professional DM to hire for your group then let me know. Inclusive gaming is at the heart of what I do, and who I am. I provide inclusive LGBTQIA+ friendly environments, and have enjoyed a wide range of experience with people from all backgrounds. Bigots need not apply. My current goals with Tabletop RPGs are to publish more of my own RPG material and as a hobby create my own nerdy paraphernalia; like the recent amiguri doll gelatinous cube I made!. In meatspace (real life) I'm in my mid 20s, queer (he/they/she are all fine), British gamer living with disability in the middle of the countryside. I found tabletop gaming after my first year of suffering from Fibromyalgia (my disability) and haven't looked back since. It has helped me cope immensely. Formerly I have been a writer for computer games, a translator, and have a degree in English and Spanish. Other hobbies include board games, learning languages, boardgames, baking, boardgames, video gaming, going out on adventures when I can and board games.

GM style

Game Style - I always strive to have each of the three pillars (Combat, Roleplay, and Exploration) in every session. Furthermore, especially in systems like PF2e, I have my own homebrew travel systems that make hand waving travel a thing of the past, and instead getting from A to B becomes its own epic adventure with real consequences. However, I can totally adjust the weight of each area of play dependent on a group’s preferences. Combat Style - With combat, I’m pretty confident I can challenge any party of adventurers, without it feeling unbalanced or overwhelming. Epic moments in combat have special attention paid to them, and the crunch of combat is done away with through my strong grasp of the rules, and ability to go with the flow with any player’s creative idea. CW: I often include some gore in my descriptions of combat. However, I am more than happy to adapt these descriptions dependent on a player's preferences. Voices - I can’t always say it will be good, and sometimes it can be cringe, but I’ve had some really heart-warming feedback about it and can assure you it’ll be entertaining. I’ve got a range of accents I can employ, and also can adjust the metre and characteristics of the voice so that it’s unique even if I am using the same accent back to back. Finally, I am British, so I just naturally have a GREAT villain accent. Role-play Style - Whether in combat, exploring, or in a social encounter, my job and joy is to provide a collaborative roleplaying experience for all involved. I always encourage players to involve one another, and delight in interparty chatter. However, I am also always conscious of moving the story forward at a pace comfortable for each specific group. With regular check-ins at the end of each session, I’m pretty good at keeping a finger on the pulse of the group’s wants and needs. Strictness to System - I absolutely stick to RAW when able, and whilst I might not agree rules are meant to be broken, they are certainly bendable! If there’s room in the rules for something to work, I will collaborate with the player to make it happen! Players won’t roll unnecessarily, and when you do roll, it’s because the game is about to be impacted by your awesome role-playing decisions. I’m super invested in making sure our stories have the right amount of tension, suspense, and climax, so that every session has maximum impact. Hopefully that’s enough about me, but if you need more information about me, or want to tell me about why you think you’d be a good fit in one of my games, I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to drop me a message here, or have a look at any of my socials, where I am more than happy to talk about all things role-playing games.


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