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About me

Hello Adventurers! My name is Tristan, and I have been a Dungeons and Dragons [Dnd} player for over ten years! I have countless hours of experience with several editions of DnD. Looking to loot a crystal cave full of promised treasures from years long past? Looking for a bar-room brawl with an angry hoard of orcs? Or are you simply looking for something fun and new while we all wait out this pandemic together? Never fear! Dungeons and Dragons offers countless hours of fun and replayability. Sit down with a group of friends, or strangers, and being the epic of adventurer of group storytelling that is DnD. I am particularly fond of new players! Beyond my countless hours of experiences, I also have experience in education, and varying lessons in a variety of fields. I have an extensive education, a wealth of nerdy information, and a large swath of geeky knowledge. I LOVE teaching, I love adventuring, and I adore pen and paper roll playing games..... well.... now they are mostly online, but you get the idea! If I sound like someone you'd be interested in hiring as your DM, [dungon master] I'd love to take you on many epic adventures! No previous experience required!

GM style

I love DMing! I really attempt to get into the heart and soul of my characters. My voice- acting isn't perfect, but I definitely give my characters distinct individual voices. Role-playing is my favorite component of DnD. It encompasses roughly 2/3s of any game I run. I enjoy combat, but I am not huge stickler for every single tactical rule. Lastly, I do incorporate puzzles, but I find the wrong kind of puzzle with the wrong kind of group can bog down the experience. Therefore, until I have had time with a group, I tend to use elementary puzzles. Once I have configured the strengths of each group, I tend to create puzzles that best match their strengths.

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