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About me

Hello Everyone, I am Blerdy Disposition a Queer Black Game Master and Player. I have been playing TTRPGs for 5 years and playing for 6 both online and offline. I got my start playing and running Dungeons and Dragons 5E but have since expanded my horizon into teaching and learning several indie and niche TTRPGs. That means my game sessions focus on heavy roleplay, rule of cool, and player creative. In fact, the games I most run are horror, OSR, and slice of life TTRPGs So I hope to run you through niche and indie TTRPGs and help you and I explore the joys of the wide diversity of TTRPGs out there. When I am not running or playing TTRPGs, I have a Youtube Channel focused on learning more about indie TTRPGs,GM Advice, and the intersections of QT Black and Brown experiences in TTRPGs.

GM style

I am rule of cool, roleplay focused GM who enjoys running dungeon crawl games, and everything niche. Rule of Cool 😎 I believe GMing is creating stories together. So I always will cheer players on to do something creative. That means I reward creativity and cool thinking even if logistically it might not be possible with in the game. Roleplay Focused🎭 Roleplay is a larger priority than tactical combat or granule details. I encourage and want players (at whatever comfortability they may feel) to play out their characters. This also means creating player synergy that allow for every player and the GM to have fun. Niche and OSR 🏰 I prefer niche ttrpgs and OSR games. So the games I run focus on dungeon crawling, solving puzzles, and resolving conflict not always via combat. So if you are looking for a GM that is tactfully minded to combat, we might not be the best fit. Other Things to Note About MY GM Style: Theater of the Mind Focused 🎬 Story is Crafted Together Rather Than Long Backstories🌟 Safety Tools- Lines and Veils & Session 0 🔐


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