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About me

There was a time when the stresses of the work day could only be remedied by joining online raids and dungeons on WoW or FF14. Then one day I joined my first D&D group hosted by a friend. Where once the possibilities of my heroism were bound by the gaming platform of choice, now they are only bound by my imagination and of course, the roll of the die. With D&D I found a way to play out scenarios I have previously only seen in movies and anime. I began my journey on the conservative side, playing characters that reflected my own morals and values with the skill set of characters I have enjoyed through my gaming experience. But when I decided to teach my children this wonderful game, I started exploring other character archetypes. Being the new GM had me playing baddies, timid townsfolk, cocky wannabe heroes, and skittish shady merchants. Here is where I broke out of my comfort and starting playing with different voices and mannerisms. I'm no professional by any stretch of the imagination, but I was able to capture the imagination of my children in both laughter and suspense. That to me has become a more memorable experience that any raid or dungeon encounter I have taken part of. I recently discovered Dungeondraft, Foundry VTT, and a few other wonderful individuals developing for this system that really brings the TTRPG to life. So here I am, hoping you will join me as I guide you through these stories. If you're new to TTRPGs or new to Foundry VTT, or just looking for a group who will party up and join you on an adventure - then pull up a chair, order yourself a frothy mug of Dwarven ale as you polish your +1 mouse of destruction and let's tell a story together.

GM style

I am a firm believer of "*There are no bad ideas, only bad dice rolls*" - I feel that sums up my Game Mastering style pretty nicely. I am laid back and always looking to provide each player (and their character) a chance to have that "cool" moment. I am extremely flexible when it comes to running campaigns, prioritizing player agency above pre-written or pre-planned direction. After all we are partaking in a collaborative story narrative, and more often than not those memorable sessions are driven by players attempting something outrageous!

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