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Something terrible waits in the darkness... If you are looking to grab a shiny toy sword and play fiddleysticks in Candyland, I am NOT the GM for you. If you are looking for GRAPHIC and DISTURBING imagery and characters that will haunt your sleep and make your waking hours into a living nightmare...then look no further...Horror is my forte...and we play LOUDLY! ~If you like horror games and being scared of what lurks around the next corner~ ~If you get that sinking feeling in your stomach when the lights go out~ ~If you stand at the top of the basement steps afraid of what might be down there~ ~If a night-light is securely plugged into your most trusted wall outlet~ I am the GM/STORYTELLER for you. My name is Ben and I have been running a psychological horror homebrew game named BlackSun for the last 8 years. I have a background in writing, theatre, gaming, lots of bartending and an unquenchable thirst for scary stories all tucked into my belt. I want you to think back to your childhood. Try to picture that nubile innocent version of yourself. The time when anything was possible and the world was full of wonder and magic. Do you remember the dark revelation that shattered your blind joy? Can you recall the very first time the handle on your closet door began to move late at night? What was that dark and ominous thing that kept you pinned in fear, afraid to cry out? Could you feel the silent legs of a spider crawling up your sheets as you hid under a thin layer of cotton for protection? That festering feeling that began to whisper to you, in your vulnerable moments, to check over your shoulder before turning out the lights is what I aim to re-awaken. I want you to walk away from this game with something to think about and a little trepidation in going down into that dark basement. I am looking for players who are heavily invested in roleplay and character development. I use a “theatre of the mind” playstyle in the adult horror genre. I cannot stress enough that this is an ADULT GAME with ADULT THEMES. Levity and comedy are always welcome…but it will not save you. If you decide you have the steel to join my game, I both thank you and apologize. Maybe down that long dark road you will find a way to forgive me. Steven Sinagra~ Testimonial In all my years of playing role playing games (40 years now) Ben is one of the most unique Game Masters I have ever had the pleasure of playing with. First and foremost, Ben is a natural storyteller. His world building is some of the best that I've seen. I have often told Ben he should write a novel based upon his Black Sun world and the characters that are in it. Ben's prose is fantastically engaging and captivating. And his cliffhangers are amazing as well. As a character, Ben will give you the freedom to make the character your own. He encourages his players to create unique spells and abilities for their characters, which makes them one of a kind. All of Ben's adventures are gripping with tense horror, fantastic adventure and plots that will keep you thinking about them until your next session. This isn't the RPG I grew up with. It's something new, but at the same time very familiar. It is a hybrid of classic and modern and sure to keep you wanting to come back to the table again and again.

GM style

Scary story telling where YOU are one of the main characters Theatre of the mind High RP/Character development Horror/Psychological thriller Mature Zero tolerance for people that cannot respect others(racism-sexism-etc.). Play nice.

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