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Hello there! I'm Biz. I have been playing and running tabletop games since around 2013. I had a long stint in D&D 5e, diving into more systems in the past few years such as PBTA games, Burning Wheel, Stars Without Number, DCC, and more. My current obsession is Masks: A New Generation. I ran an actual-play Monster of The Week podcast called Throwing Bones for around two years until schedule conflicts caused the cast to split up. Check out the MegaRecap I made for the game I've run through StartPlaying!

GM style

For my games, I use Discord for voice/text and Roll20 for the game itself. It's important to me that every campaign is a fun experience tailored to the PCs and their players. Therefore, I like to weave in backstory from the PCs into the campaign, and tweak modules so that they will be a fresh experience every time. I love fleshing out characters first and foremost. Interesting NPCs, PC story arcs, relationship dynamics, and challenges based on the flaws of PCs are some of the things I enjoy the most. When I am playing, I enjoy a challenge in both combat and diplomacy. Therefore, I aim to offer such when I GM. I want the players to sweat sometimes, and to come up with creative solutions. I am very much a supporter of the "rule of cool," and I am willing to bend mechanics when it improves the narrative. I do character voices decently, though I certainly won't claim to be a professional voice actor. Outside of the game, I sometimes set up text role-play for any downtime that was skipped over during the session or for other relevant scenes. This gives players an opportunity to learn about their characters, build party dynamics, and create potential for new scenes and plot hooks in-game. This is usually for more mechanically intense systems. I'm an adult, and I run games for adults. Therefore, campaign content might get mature in nature. I believe in open dialogue about expectations and boundaries. It is also important to note that I am not the same as the characters I run. If I run NPCs that are sexist, racist, homophobic, etc. that will be purely in-character. Malicious behavior from players or the GM out of character is not acceptable and will receive a warning/discussion. If severe enough, the transgressor will be removed from the group. TLDR, What I bring to my games: PC backstory integration Potential text role-play in between sessions Challenging combat and diplomacy Emotional intensity and mature themes A discord server full of active, friendly players Rewards for role-playing and creative solutions Background ambience/music Homebrew content Below are reviews from players I have run paid games for, prior to my involvement with this platform. "10/10" - Charles, AKA Saltbino#0363 on Discord "11/10" - Trent, AKA Dreagan#9264 on Discord "I want to preface this by saying that I am a DM for a group, and thus have some level of experience running D&D games from the gamemaster's chair, and I know how difficult it can be. That being said, the Sunday night Tomb of Annihilation game I am in is probably the best run game I have ever been a part of. Biz is organized, talented, and descriptive. There can be a disconnect in most games played on Roll20 between the players and the DM, as the tabletop is virtual, and players can ghost groups whenever they want. This disconnect is non existent in the Sunday night game. The roleplay is engaging, intricate, and extends beyond the limits of game time through discord text channels. Combat, while sometimes slightly tilted against the players, is always an engaging challenge and forces us to come up with ingenious solutions. I have loved the sessions I have played in Biz's group, and she has demonstrated incredible skill at running these games." - Scott Svensson, AKA Scooter#3687 on Discord "The Tomb of Annihilation game I’m in is the first D&D campaign I’ve ever played in, and it’s been an awesome first D&D experience. I came to the group with pretty much no experience, but was able to jump in, enjoy playing, and get invested in the roleplaying from the first session. I’ve had a ton of fun in every session I’ve played, and the Sunday game is always a highlight of my week. The combat is definitely challenging enough to keep me on the edge of my seat, but it doesn’t feel like I don’t have a chance to succeed, which I think is important for me as a new player. The discord group Biz set up for all the players is one of my favorite things about being in this group. Not only do we have a roleplay channel, which we’ve done a ton of great, engaging rp in, but we also have channels we can just chat or shitpost in, get to know each other, and build up a rapport that makes game nights even more fun. The other players in the discord have also been a great resource for me as a new player, since a lot of them are really knowledgeable and eager to help out with questions about gameplay. Having never DM’d myself, it’s probably harder for me to appreciate just how much work Biz puts in, but she’s always prepared and organized, she does great roleplay, she’s great at making me feel immersed in the game, and she goes above and beyond to make our experience better, with things like adding API’s to Roll20 or setting up the rp channel. Basically, Biz is the G.O.A.T." -Breannen Shim, AKA Breannan#9700 on Discord


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