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About me

Hey, I'm Brandon, or Biz if you prefer. A bi man who's been running games for about nine years and wrote the Mithral Seller (top 1% of their total products) 'Waterdeep: Expanded Faction Missions' for My preferred D&D system is 5e, but I'm very quick and eager to learn pretty much any system you're interested in. If you have an idea on how to run Dread digitally, believe me, I'm all ears. That aside, if you're a new player or group of players looking for an experienced DM who can show you the ropes, I've taught multiple groups how to play.

GM style

I believe the appeal of TTRPGs is a 70/30 split between narrative and gameplay. I live for the story and love to roleplay, but have a fondness in my heart for mixing things up with a fun puzzle or interesting combat encounter. As one might guess, I do enjoy fun voices. Before we begin, I'll send you a quick list of cool stuff that happens in a lot of tabletop RPGs, and ask you to pick out 5 that are really important to you (this is an idea I got from Cyberpunk Red, but it's real helpful.) I'll use these to help fine tune and customize whatever we end up playing to be the ideal sort of game for our table. Other than that, I like to play RAW without a lot of downtime looking up rules, counting on my own memory and our collective ability to improvise to have a good time. I'm also a big fan of changing 'better save it for later' mechanics to 'use it as often as possible' mechanics, most famously D&D 5e's Inspiration system. As written, Inspiration can be used to give you Advantage. I much prefer to let you burn it after rolling to give yourself a re-roll. Things like that can take a lot of the pressure off of players who are all here to have fun, you know?

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