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About me

I am at my most content when I am telling stories and collaborating with other people– as you can imagine, this makes TTRPGs an absolute blast for me! I have been DMing and playing D&D 5e for 7 years now, and have been starting to engage with other TTRPGs; specifically Monster of the Week and Dungeon World as GM, and Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy and The Quiet Year as a player. I love helping my players feel like their hero matters in the story and in the world they inhabit. I love engaging the group with challenges so that when you win it feels FANTASTIC!! I love running combat and role-play encounters and am happy to adapt my games based on the players. Want to be dungeon crawlers? You got it! Monster hunters? Sure! Want to engage in political drama? I can swing it! My games are player-centred and above all else, collaborative. If you'd like to have some great adventures, some laughs, and tell a great story, come join my table! I can't wait to meet you!

GM style

I really enjoy roleplay and try my best to use a variety of character voices to make the world and its inhabitants feel real. I try to have a good mix of roleplay and combat, but I can sway this more heavily to either side to the players' preference. I love to improvise and typically rely on improvisation to fill out details of the world; if you have questions about how something works, please ask! If I don't have an answer already, we can come up with an answer together at the table. Collaborative storytelling is definitely my favourite!


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