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About me

Hello, I am Brodie. I work a job in retail, which likely explains why I dream up dark and terrible things so frequently. I came across TTRPGs when I was still in Secondary School, however, my friends and I did not have any books to run games so we created our own. They weren't the best systems but they worked well enough we could create stories with measured rules. The stories we created were those you'd expect to get with a teenage boy mindset but we had fun and I believe that is all that really matters. Whilst I was still in Secondary School, I encountered the game Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines. It changed how I viewed Vampires within the Modern culture setting. I looked up videos online for more information and encountered so many different channels and creators whose passion for the game infected me. I read more and more but I didn't actually play or host a game until quite recently. My first experience with an actual Chronicle of VTM was running one myself about two years ago and let me tell you, it was a mess, this was not just the first VTM game I ran, it was the first game I ran period. Again, I believe folk had fun and this was a marvellous learning opportunity for me. Every mistake I made (there was a lot) was a lesson in Storytelling and GMing. Today, I am much more confident, competent and experienced. I have sharpened my skills in narrative construction, improvisation, character development and emotional management. I love TTRPGs, they are so much fun and I am looking forward to running more games, becoming a better GM and meeting so many more wonderful characters and their absolutely brilliant players.

GM style

Roleplay: Check! Voices: Check! Player Engagement: Check! Adaptive Storytelling: Check! Emotional Drama: Check! Challenge and Reward: Check! Collaborative and Inclusive Gaming: Check! Respecting Boundaries: Check! Rule Flexibility: Check! Chimps: Nope!


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