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Benjamin Wenham
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2 years on StartPlaying

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Inclusive, Creativity

About me

Hello there, I’m Ben. 🎲 Experience in RPGs I have decades of experience in the RPG hobby, on both sides of the GMs screen, and am passionate about building experiences of play worth having. I have run engaging and collaborative games for my friends, I have GMed at conventions for strangers, and been a crew member of a large festival LARP, called Empire, here in the UK. ✍️ Writing experience I have been a freelancer in the tabletop industry for over a decade, with a special focus on Call of Cthulhu, having worked on Achtung! Cthulhu, The Arkham Gazette, and material released through the Miskatonic Repository. 🎓 Games Design Teacher When I am not running or writing games, I teach games design and creative practice to learners aged 16-to-18, on vocational digital media courses, and I bring that experience as a communicator, educator, and designer, to my sessions. 🏳️‍🌈Inclusive and Safe I am bi, dyslexic, and have ADHD. In addition to teaching and games design I am involved in running D&D games for students at a local special needs school for neurodivergent learners. I work to make my games friendly to people with access needs, and a safe place for marginalised people.

GM style

Different games require different approaches. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For Call of Cthulhu: 🐙 Cerebrally engaging horror. I write mysteries to elicit a sense of personal horror with a special focus of psychological and surreal horror. 💀Spooky atmosphere! I use soundscapes, sound effect, carefully curated ambient music and handouts to elicit fear as well as horror. 🦺Consent and safety informed play. My job is to leave you in a heightened state of anxiety and creeping fear at the implications of an uncaring and unreliable cosmos, not trigger your phobias or trauma. All sessions use Lines and Veils (survey based), and the X-cards, and session planning is informed by these tools. 🎭Roleplaying rich and character driven, there is a lot to dig your teeth into here. 🧩Mysteries to solve. My sessions have a mystery to solve, but the way you go about doing it, is up to you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For OSE: ⚙️Procedural and high agency play. I present a world and situations, you tell me how your going to deal with them. ⚖️ Neutral Arbiter. I am here to interrupt the rules and the dice in the face of your actions. ⚔️ Combat as war. The world is deadly, and you'd be well advised to stack the odds in your favour, through situation, and cunning. 🐉 Emergent Narrative and environmental narrative, not not plots. There are stories to be uncovered, and they inform the world, but your story, is what you choose to do, and the consequences of your actions.

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