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About me

Hi there! My name is Benjamin and I've been enjoying TTRPGs for a good 5 years now and for the past couple of them, I've also been GM'ing! I've found that my interests in creating worlds and telling stories have translated very nicely into being a Dungeon Master for DnD. Embodying NPCs, progressing the storyline of players, and making it all work smoothly are some of the things I enjoy the most about GM'ing.

GM style

Discord is at the home of my campaigns and we'll be using it for the planning, discussing as well as the voice and video of the sessions. Foundry will be used for character sheets, battlemaps, and dice rolling. My games follows a flexible 50/50 split in terms of combat and roleplay. Some sessions has an even mix of both, some have a little bit more combat or roleplay. but in the end the 50/50 should hold true. While rules are important in DnD, having fun is equally important. Therefore, if your character has an idea for something unique that doesn't completely align with the rules, it's worth exploring that through the "rule of cool". I usually use the official system as a baseline, but I'm usually willing to consider using homebrew or third-party material once I've had a chance to evaluate and endorse it, as long as it enhances everyone's experience playing the game.

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