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About me

Hello! My name is Belle, and I have been DMing since I was 11 years old, after getting hooked at 9. I love working with experienced players and newbies alike. There is something about bringing players into the worlds that I have created that I find absolutely invigorating. I love to tell stories, and the best part of a great story is its characters. I invite you to become one today!

GM style

As a DM, I aim to run a game my players will love. My typical session runs thusly: - A recap of the previous session, usually by my players, unless otherwise arranged. - Free roleplay between my players so they can warm up and get into character. - A quest hook/lead-in/continuance that usually involves some skill usage and roleplay. - An encounter, be that a skill encounter or combat. Occasionally mixed. - Resolution of the encounter. - Further roleplay/skill checks as needed, usually completion of the quest. - Wind-down where I encourage role-play and immersion into the world. - Housekeeping, i.e. EXP/reward bestowal. In addition to the above, I also encourage all my players to explore the world to their heart's content. I build rich worlds with much to explore, and, where that fails, I am great at improvisation. I am not a voice actor, but I have heard from many that I do an excellent array of voices. After every session I check in with my players to see how they liked the mix of skill checks, roleplay, and combat, as well as how they feel the story itself is progressing. I want everyone to have an amazing time, playing a great game with great friends.

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