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About me

I am a "Yes, and..." type of GM as well as a strong proponent of the "Rule of Cool." My TTRPG journey began in a basement, at a table, with close friends, LEGO minis, and a humble homebrew snow monster. It wasn't love at first sight, however, it sparked a new passion that flourished into many campaigns, countless adventures, several rule books, and even more unique home brew systems.

GM style

My favorite part of GM-ing is facilitating collective storytelling. Personifying characters, improvising, and making maps breathe is my bread and butter, however, no story is complete without struggle; you can expect word games, hidden passages, and impossible crimes spliced between loose bandits, fleets of fiends, and vile villains ripped straight from your worst dreams. I am a very strong proponent of the "Rule of Cool" and I adore clever workarounds so I will gladly bend rules to allow for fun and exciting witty-ness. Additionally, the games I run tend to be very flexible in their conclusions. For example, if the party starts as a team of heroes working for a royal court with the initial goal of becoming royalty, but then goes on to form a circus with a side character they liked, then I will accommodate for that. I will make the party's decisions feel planned for regardless of which roads they take (or ignore)


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