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I've always loved a deep and rich story, where my questions usually out weigh what will ever truly be known. So I dabbled in some D&D and have been hooked since. I've learned to be a player then a DM to host fun sessions for new and experienced players I've come to meet and share company with. Story telling being natural and my vivid imagination constantly driving me insane, I've been able to develop a massive world; within my eyes provides endless content for the players to be alive in.

GM style

I will always attempt Character Voices, Ambience, Mood Setting, Visual Aids I'm guaranteed to throw some HIDDEN RIDDLES/MYSTERY your way, regardless of the task at hand I love the underlining secrets that hide within a normal sentence. Descriptions| A pride and joy I will always attempt to overdeliver on. If I can imagine it then I'll find the word for it! Same for you! If you say can I look around- FINE! But you only see what I say at that point. I need you to tell me what your looking around for, or how you choose to inspect that wall, or random character questions like: "I recall that name from my hometown, would I be able to recall what color that floral would change to during spring time?" <<<PLEASE GIVE ME THIS!! And I will deliver on my end what your trying to achieve. Tactical Combat| Goblins can be uniformed, Spiders can communicate amongst themselves, Wolfs know when their on the losing end. Retreat, Parlay, Prisoners, and Death are all common but not without a little tactics. All creatures represented in my world have some form of tactics about them. Role Playing| I know people are shy. Trust me I was very very shy, but when you embody your character and feel the excitement of their next spell or action the boundaries will blur and you'll forget who you're with other then your adventuring allies! (I will always encourage role play) Inventory Tracking | I know we all cannot carry a piano with us everywhere we go, what about that 50lb rock I put in my pocket dimension 5 sessions ago, will that count against me adding this pike? YES. I don't expect everyone to be able to keep track of your characters, inventory, abilities, and goals in the game buuuuuuuutt.. would it kill to at least have a note on it? I will usually manage most of the content in the game whether you "remember" or not I always try to recall previously acquired and soon to be acquired features in the game. (This mainly applies to Intermediate groups and above!!) (OOC)Out of Character | I will always specify whether I'm speaking to you out of character so not to confuse what "Steve" knows and what Castro who plays as Steve knows. But same for you, clarity is key. META | I will never accept meta-gaming. Just enjoy it, trust that the dice rolls and team discussions will lead you to fun and unforgettable times. Meta only gets in the way of what others and yourself end up experiencing. I can incorporate any ideas a player has for me, just speak up! I love working with the imagination of another to make memorable and entertaining features for my sessions.

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