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About me

Hail and well met adventurers, Over the last couple years, I have met hundreds of incredible people at the virtual table. The stories we've shared have brought real-life joy, laughter, and a even a few tears into our lives. Many of these friends are still at the table today. They'll be quick to welcome you to and eager to hear your tales and experiences when you sit down to play. My road to becoming a professional Dungeon Master is a long and storied one that began with a few little fibs I used to tell as an extremely shy kid. When I met new people, I would tell them cowboy stories about adventures I had with my faithful steed. The more smiles I received, the longer the stories went on. Growing up in the Midwest region of the US, Dungeons & Dragons was all around me. I played in my neighborhood when my brother and his friends would let me. Later, he convinced the High School D&D club to let me come to the big table when I was still in Middle School. Fast Forward to 2016, I opened up the Lost Mines of Phandelver Box Set. After a 25 year hiatus from the hobby I loved, I sat down at the table with my kids and rediscovered the joy of Table Top Role-Playing Games. Like many others, the 2020 Pandemic lockdowns led me to an online game that quickly brought me to a joyous career of story-telling and playing games. The rest we say, is canon. Grab a seat, roll some dice, live the adventure, create epic stories, and make friends at the table. Hey, there's an open spot now! David, the avidDM

GM style

▶️ Playstyle: While each table has it's own personality, I provide a home table feal for each one. Folks can look forward to friendly banter and spirited gameplay each week. I love to do NPC voicings and encourage players to engage in role-play. ⚔️ Combat: Encounters can be very challenging but are ran with pacing in mind. We stick mostly to rules-as-written and use automated character sheets to facilitate fluid battles. ⚖️ Balance: Social Interaction, Combat, and Exploration, the pillars of tabletop gaming, are represented in equal amounts over the course of a campaign.

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