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TL;DR You sit down at your computer desk after a long day. After browsing the interwebs, you come across a strange phrase: Dungeons and Dragons? As you click the link, a colorful light emerges from your mouse, crawling up your arm and enveloping your body. When you turn around to face your mirror, make a wisdom saving throw. You come to your senses, remembering that you are Razlo, a small, skittish gnome whose fear of water is only rivalled by a burning curiosity and thirst for knowledge. That curiosity pushed you to seek out a remote island said to house a library filled with the untold secrets of ages long forgotten. As you turn back around, you bump into a rail on the port side of a ship. In the distance, you spot several ships bearing flags with an insignia that makes your heart lurch. What do you do? Tabletop role-playing games are my passion. My goal is to provide players of all levels of experience an immersive and safe environment to explore epic narrative development, solve problems, and sometimes just goof off. I hope to foster a space where all players have a voice, get the opportunity to express themselves, and feel like heroes (or villains if they wish). The beauty of roleplay is the limitless possibility and collaboration. In our adventures, you will have the opportunity to help shape the world as we create a memorable story together.

GM style

I love all aspects of TTRPGs and will cater to my audience and players. My session 0 is extremely important in determining the who, what and why of the story. In other words, getting an idea of what players are looking to get out of a campaign or game session. Player agency is crucial to my gameplay. What I set forth in terms of story and setting becomes ours as soon as we all hear it. I want players to feel as if they are the most important aspect of the story. As mentioned above, my philosophy is centered around player agency. I ask a lot of my players in terms of backstory and roleplaying because the more you create, the more personal a story or campaign will be to you. Giving you more ownership and control over the story increases immersion and makes the world feel full. It's a simple concept, but you are more likely to introduce something that you are interested in! In terms of my personal style and what I bring to the table, I strive to create high quality maps and evocative visuals with mood setting background music and ambience. I have absolutely no problem making a fool of myself by fully stepping into the shoes my NPCs with *unique* voices, growls, and some simply odd noises. It should also be noted that I tend to use dice rolls fairly frequently in my games, as I enjoy randomness and unpredictability! I believe that a d20 can do a great job of pushing a story in a particular direction, intended or not. My ideal campaign consists of an equal spread of roleplay, combat, and exploration. I say campaign because because some game sessions can vary from nearly entirely role play in a crowded city, taking in sights, entertainment, people watching, and enjoying food and drink, to desperately searching for sustenance and trying to avoid exposure in a desert. Some sessions may be a lengthy slog through a dungeon, slaying your enemies and being wary of traps and pitfalls. All of these aspects of TTRPGs play their part to add obstacles, success, and failure and make the game more interesting. Contact me with any questions!

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