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About me

Hello! My name is Austin, and although I have only been playing and DMing TTRPGs since the start of quarantine, for these past few years it has been my one hyper-fixation, my obsession, and basically my life. I truly believe that there is no better format to create a wonderfully intimate and compelling story that captures the mind and heart. So, if you're new to this community and still dipping your toes in the water, I want to invite you to jump in. If you've been playing for a while, I want to reignite that spark of excitement with a fresh perspective on gameplay and how we build stories together. Are you ready to embark on the journey? ______________________________________________________ You push open the creaking door to the lively tavern, as a wave of warmth and merriment washes over you. The air is thick with the comforting aroma of roasting meats and the tantalizing scent of various ales. The flickering glow of lanterns illuminates the cozy space, revealing a motley assortment of adventurers seated around a wooden table. The eclectic decor includes tapestries depicting mythical creatures and ancient battles, creating an immersive atmosphere that transports you to another realm. The wooden floorboards beneath your feet bear the marks of countless adventures—scratches, scuffs, and the occasional worn spot from the enthusiastic stomping of victorious moments. As you find a seat and join the lively group, the ambient noise of the tavern becomes a harmonious symphony—a background melody to the unfolding drama of the proceeding game. The friendly banter, the occasional outburst of laughter, and the clatter of dice on the tabletops creates an intoxicating blend of sounds that envelops you in the shared joy of storytelling and camaraderie. The barkeep, a seasoned and charismatic individual with a twinkle in their eye, stands at a makeshift podium, regaling the players with vivid descriptions of the fantastical world they inhabit. His eyes narrow toward the table's newest addition, eager and bright-eyed. "Welcome, valiant contender! And what heroic adventurer would you like to assume with us today?"

GM style

I've always been a writer at heart. My ADHD brain is a constant whirlwind of ideas that naturally form stories and worlds of their own. The concept of a game where my friends and I could collectively explore the worlds inside my mind was a dream come true. So in the past few years, TTRPGs have become my creative outlet, and I relish every opportunity to invite others along for the ride. This results in me being an unapologetically homebrewed GM. Even when attempting to follow a module by the book, I always find myself venturing into uncharted territory. Despite my relatively short tenure as a Dungeon Master, I have fully fleshed out my own fantasy setting, created two full-length campaigns, multiple custom subclasses, a custom class, and countless monsters and creatures. Besides just that, I love building stories built around characters with depth, whether it be depth from the player characters or from the setting's NPCs. I love to dig past the simplistic "What do they look like?" and "What do they do?" and into questions about their motivations, their journey, and their goals. And I LOVE to see as these evolve throughout the process of a long-term campaign.

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