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Auditor Snook
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2 years on StartPlaying


16 games hosted


Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Rule of Cool


Average response time: 10 hours


Response rate: 100%

About me

🖐🏼 Greetings and salutations! I am the honorable Auditor Snook. I have been sent here to accompany you through the infinite cosmos of fantasy and fiction! Whether we are playing Dungeons & Dragons or any other game, I am often in the position of Storyteller, Referee, Game Master, Dungeon Master, or whatever title is bestowed upon the one who facilitates the world, mechanical rules, and/or story elements. As such, this has become a core part of who I am as a person and would love to share this with you all! ----------------------------------- Who is "Auditor Snook"? 🧙‍♂️ > Most of my friends call me "G", but when I am running a ttrpg, I don the mantle of Auditor Snook. The name is like a nom de plume that I have used frequently at conventions. It originated from my time spent with The Land Roleplaying System and being a game master for that system and community. When did you start playing? 🎲 > I was about 8 or 9 at the time. It happened when I was walking home from the bus stop after school one day and a neighbor noticed I was carrying THE HOBBIT and asked if I ever wanted to play a game with dwarves, elves, and dragons, but made up of my own characters. Of course, I wanted that! Later that day, my brother and I were playing AD&D with the family across the street. The rest was history. What other games have you played? 📚 > Oh, quite a few since I came of age and had access to the internet. I spent most of my younger years playing AD&D, 3e D&D shortly thereafter, West End Games Star Wars D6, Star Wars D20, and Rifts. In my adult life, I have since branched out into other systems and games, but always seem to come back to D&D. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SERVICES: +New Player Introduction Are you new to D&D and TTRPGs? Possibly you have seen the D&D movie? Heard of Critical Role/Vox Machina? Maybe you played the magnificent Baulder's Gate 3? Perhaps it was Stranger Things that has roused your interest? Well, allow me to be your guide! I offer a free new player session specifically tailored to help you go from 0 to Level 1 in one hour or less. Followed by a free level 1 introductory session to get you fully acquainted with playing Dungeons & Dragons! +Open Play Adventures Are you unable to attend your usual community play game due to travel, the holidays, sickness, or some other reason? Do you like the idea of being able to transfer your characters between different tables and groups? I aim to offer Open Play/Community Play legal games, peppered with some homebrew, as permitted via the Adventurer's League Spelljammer Dungeoncraft rules. +Long Form Narrative Campaigns >(D&D 5e) I am offering my NEVERWINTER NIGHTS: TALES FROM THE SWORD COAST shared campaign game, using a blend of "Phandelver and Below" and "Dragons of Icespire Peak" with some additional content added from multiple 5e campaigns. I also offer my ASTRAL REALMS campaign- a funkadelic space campaign! Filled with groovy tunes and swashbuckling adventure, this campaign is intended for "drop-in/drop-out" play, supporting all 5e content. >(Palladium RIFTS) Currently running a private tactical campaign set on ATLANTIS. We are accepting more, but reserve the right to remove any player if the player that requested this campaign is dissatisfied with any additions. I will probably offer an additional RIFTS campaign next year. >(Other Systems) In the future, I am looking to offer an isekai-style Fabula Ultima campaign, a Fallout TTRPG and a Star Trek Adventures campaign. Feel free to message me for further information on the other campaigns.

GM style

I enjoy a vast variety of styles and genres in the TTRPG space. From murder mystery and intrigue, to hack n' slash dungeon crawls, and everything in between! My style tends to adapt to the group I am catering to, when and where appropriate. The majority of my experience lies within open play and playtest games, and thus my style is more slanted towards an inclusive and action packed remote gaming experience. ------------------- FAVORED CAMPAIGNS/SETTINGS: > 🌟Spelljammer > 🌌Planescape > 🦇Ravenloft > 🧝🏽‍♀️Forgotten Realms/Sword Coast > 🔮Homebrew/Community Content ------------------- Relevant Previous Experience: +Conventions 🏢 >Origins Game Fair >Jordan Con (Multiple) >Dragon Con >FLGS Cons (Multiple) >Mistfest (Indie) +Community Play 🧙‍♂️ >Adventurers League (4+ Years) >The Land Roleplaying System (3+ years) +Game Playtest 👨‍💻 >The Land Roleplaying System (Indie/Community) >Dungeons & Dragons Next (5e) >Star Trek Adventures >Fabula Ultima >Strongholds & Followers


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