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About me

Hello there folks! My name is Brann and I'm a D&D fanatic. I've been playing D&D for around 18 years and I've been a DM for about 5 years. Last year I started DMing on my own Twitch stream and have amassed a pretty decent following through social media, close to 85k. I've mostly done homebrew settings in my own world of Atuma, filled with Homebrew races and weapons and subclasses which I'd be happy to supply but I'm also happy to run modules and campaigns set in already founded worlds. I do operate some table rules that are purely my own, I will discuss these at beginning of session and they are completely negotiable. They are as follows. 1. A Nat20 on an attack roll is a Critical Hit. When you Crit you take the max damage possible, add your modifiers and then roll the dice and add that. This includes Sneak Attack, Divine Smites and anything of that kind. 2. Subsequently, a Nat1 on a saving throw treats the damage as if it was Critical Damage. 3. Being brought to 0HP with Necrotic Damage is Death. You can still be resurrected. 4. Double resistance (from 2 different sources) means Immunity. 5. Taking a potion yourself is a bonus action. If you use an action, you get the maximum health. Feeding a potion to a downed teammate is is treated the same way. 6. If you roll initiative and you match with another player, the one with the highest initiative modifier goes first. Nat 20's always go first within these ties. 7. If you and an opponent are melee attacking something the same size as you, you gain advantage on your attack because flanking. I reserve the right to remove this per battle. 8. Once per encounter, a character may use a Called Shot to target a specific body part. This will always be rolled at disadvantage. If successful it will deal maximum damage, even on critical. A Called Shot has to be declared before the attack roll is made. 9. Rule of Cool is ALWAYS in effect. If you like horror filled campaigns with lots of room for character development and a DM who plays by the rule of cool with a view of the RAW just being guidelines, then get in touch. I'd be happy to chat with you :) Until then, stay lovely!

GM style

An equal focus on all pillars of play, Constructed NPC's with unique voices and character styles. Immersive worlds full of possibilities. Action, Drama and several different types of Horror. I can also provide light hearted "beach episode" style sessions for winding down and provide tailor made character specific mini arcs to really make you feel like your character is a part of the world. If you like a bit of everything in your campaigns, a major approach to failing forward and a love of laughs and tears in equal measure, then I'm your guy :)


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