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About me

I crawled up from the depths with but one wish; to teach these skunks how to dance. My name is Aron, and creating an immersive TTRPG experience is my craft. I run D&D 5e and Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition, and atmospheric gaming is the name of my game. Stick with me and you'll see horrors beyond your comprehension. I started DMing like most of us do; by rounding up a bunch of misbegotten theatre kids in high-school and playing some gosh darn Dungeons and Dragons. Worst mistake of my life, but here we are so why not keep going. I believe in a chill atmosphere and have a firm trust in that it'll all work out if we just believe in the power of friendship. My day job is teaching at an elementary school, and will take care of you rabblerousers as if you were children.

GM style

I run charming little D&D sessions with non-stressful roleplaying. Sprinkle in some meaningful combat encounters, and you have the recipe for a (in my humble opinion) perfect game. My games or usually story-focused, and draw a lot of inspiration from character backstories. Since I usually run modules, my stories will usually be fairly linear. I have a passion for teaching new players the ropes of TTRPGs, and usually cater to my group's individual needs. I get D&D combat to be about as close to a videogame as possible. With Foundry, you'll have complete control over your characters actions, and be able to move your funny little guy wherever you like and all sorts of other cool stuff.

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