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About me

Long time D&D player and fan! Ran many B/X, AD&D and 3.x games and have been running 5e since it came out. Been playing Dungeon Crawl Classics for 3 years and these days I tend to focus on that and some heavily modified homebrew b/x sandbox campaigns. I have a 400+ member discord server that I have been running games on for about 3 years now and have honed my Referee (Judge, DM, GM) skills there running up to 4 games a week. Ask me for an invite =) I love RPGs and love to see a party come together and create! I love teaching people who are either new to one of the systems I run, or new to TTRPGs altogether! Come play some DCC or D&D with me!

GM style

I have a casual and even-handed style at the table. I focus on making sure everyone is involved and having a good time. My players know that I will make measured and fair rulings during both routine and hectic situations. I love a gonzo game where things get super wacky but everyone is able to track the action and take part coherently. As far as roleplay goes, I love it! I love when players invest in their characters and co-create the narrative! I tend away from theatrics and more toward a narrative style. As for combat, I love it also, very much, and you can expect combat with creatures you have never before encountered when you are at my table.

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