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About me

Hi, my name is Justin. I have been playing RPGs since I was in middle school. I Love world building and bringing a world to life. I have been called an "Old School DM in 5e" as my specialty is running games that capture the classic spirit of D&D. I have created my own world "The Nelathar Valley", all of my games take place here. I enjoy taking classic modules and molding them into the fabric of my world. I also can run other RPG's as well such as Shadowdark RPG and older versions of D&D. I like to bring out the creative side of my players as well as my own for a collaborative effort, and there is no better team for the job than a DM and the players. I like the world to grow organically around the characters and truly be affected by the characters and their actions. If you like to play games where who you are and what you do really have an impact then, check out what games I have going on! As all my games are set in "The Nelathar Valley" the actions of one party sometimes affect the world and other parties may hear of exploits or disasters. I run a living world where your actions have meaning and consequence, which means the sky is the limit! Leave your mark on this new world.

GM style

As a Dungeon Master, I strive to bring the world alive and to immerse my players in a realm of magical splendor. Every choice you make in my games has an effect, the world is alive and time moves forward. I tend to favor a more Old School Approach to running a game which means more player agency and creative inputs from you guys! I use a custom crafting system so get out your tools and start gathering supplies, because soon you will be able to brew potions or scribe scrolls to aid you in your journey from lowly peasant to legendary hero! My world, "The Nelathar Valley" is am Hex based open world, so go where you please and do what you want. I have classic modules imbedded into the very fabric of the game, so relive some of those glory days or chart a new path forward! The choice is your brave adventurer, and know, that whichever path you choose I will be there to make your game one for the lore books! -DM Justin (Archdruid101)


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