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About me

I've been a passionate D&D player since 1980, when I first discovered the game at the age of 8 through the treasured time spent playing with my father. My love for the game grew, and I began my journey as a DM at the age of 16. With over three decades of experience, I've come to appreciate the unique magic that unfolds when players take the reins and "write" their own adventures within the rich tapestry of the game world. As a DM, I strive to create an open, humorous atmosphere where players feel encouraged to explore, roleplay, and shape the story. I believe that the beauty of D&D lies in the non-linear nature of the narrative, and I take great joy in watching players craft their own paths. While I tend to focus more on roleplaying (around 70%) compared to combat (30%), I'm always happy to adapt to the preferences of my players. At my table, you'll find a welcoming environment where discussion and metagaming are not just tolerated but encouraged. I believe that open communication is key to creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. I do have a few house rules to keep things exciting, such as allowing Champion Fighters to crit on an 18 instead of a 19. However, I always make sure that the DM has the final say to maintain a smooth game flow. Ultimately, my goal is for players to walk away from my games with positive emotions and a desire to continue their D&D journey. I want them to feel that the time spent at my table was a worthy investment in their entertainment and a source of fond memories. If you're looking for a DM who is passionate, adaptable, and dedicated to creating an engaging and fun experience, I'd be honored to have you join one of my games

GM style

In my games, I welcome players of all experience levels and preferences, from families and newcomers to seasoned veterans seeking gritty, horror-themed adventures. I believe in creating inclusive and diverse gaming experiences that cater to the interests and comfort levels of all participants. Whether it's exploring fantastical realms with wide-eyed newcomers or delving into dark and mysterious worlds with seasoned adventurers, my goal remains the same: to provide a memorable and immersive gaming experience where every player feels valued and engaged. When it comes to storytelling, I strive to incorporate character backstories and player-driven elements into the overarching narrative. Each player's backstory is woven into the fabric of the game world, creating personal stakes and opportunities for character growth. Themes and motifs vary depending on the group's preferences, ranging from classic heroics to existential horror. I'm adaptable and open to exploring a wide range of themes and genres, ensuring that every campaign feels unique and tailored to the group's interests. In terms of gameplay, I aim for variable pacing, adapting to the group's dynamics and preferences. While I typically include at least one combat encounter with role-playing per session, I remain flexible to the group's needs and preferences. Every player is encouraged to participate actively in both plot developments and thrilling combat encounters, ensuring that everyone has a chance to shine and contribute to the unfolding story.


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