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Amos Nudel

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About me

Hey, I'm a DM for D&D 5e and have been for about three years now (It might be more but thanks to the pandemic time is all fuzzy now). I especially enjoy the freedom the game gives to the players, whiteness the crazy solutions they come up with to various challenges and watch the character's stories unfold in a world that is all our own. My games are situated in a homebrew setting, although for game-play itself I use very little homebrew if any, with some connections to cannon D&D lore. The first game of DnD I was exposed to was the Oxventure (Outside Xbox and Outside Extra game) very first game and I immediately caught the bug. Since then I watched a lot of Critical Role and some of Dimension 20 of course and through all these shows and first hand experience I learned that the best games are the ones where the players and the DM can completely trust each and everyone in the table. So free and open communication is very important to me.

GM style

The first thing that comes to mind about DnD is the combat, I do indeed enjoy creating various encounters for my players to face. But combat is part of a wider experience, I do enjoy letting the players express their characters through roleplay and the process of world building. So there maybe session where there is no combat involved, or sessions pact full of action. As long as the players are having a good time Im having a good time. I will mention that for gameplay wise, generally I don't allow homebrew or UA but they were cases where I agreed to change citrine rulings. So it never hurts to ask. This brings me to another very important note, communication is very important to me, this game requires trust between the players and the DM. So if my players have anything on their mind regarding the game, they are encouraged to tell me about it!

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