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About me

Hi hello! My name is Anthony and I shall be your new Dungeon Master (if you waaanna)! I am a History Major, specializing in the history of colonialism, imperialism and capitalism, though have my sights set on teaching high school. I am also a mega nerd. I grew up with Lord of the Rings and read the absolute crap out of any fantasy book I could get my hands on. (If you remember a series that had like, a dude who went down into the sewers and found a whole city full of pale people and giant rats and bugs and stuff, hit me up, I’ve been tryna find it for ages). I adore Dungeons and Dragons. To me, DND is the pinnacle of positive aspects of Nerdom. You got fantasy, you got adventure, you got space for drama and humor and above all, friendship. I lovelovelove the fact that DND is a collaborative game and believe that to be a good DM you have to share the story with your PCs (thats player characters for any of you newbies).

GM style

I like my games to be a blend of combat, exploration, NPC socialization and bathroom breaks, some sessions might be focused more on one or the other, but you can expect a fairly even blend of all of them throughout the campaign. I use music and dumb handouts to enhance (or sometimes break) immersion. I do silly voices and bad accents. I wave my arms a lot and talk with my hands. I also make my own maps and spend way too much time customizing soundscapes and choosing inspo images for my npcs, items and locations. I also love combat that makes sense. That means that all hostile creatures have motives and goals and unique strategies beyond simply hackin and wackin and slashin (except for some undead, sometimes they just want to getcha). This keeps combat interesting and makes fighting different creatures feel different! It also means that you as the PC can plan things in combat beyond just rolling to hit! Threaten the spider's eggs to distract them from your wizard, bribe the mercenary to come over to your side, or trick the kobolds into their own traps! The sky is the limit, gang! I especially like my games to provide opportunities for emotional depth, character development and also levity and humor. I believes stories need heroic challenges and dramatic stakes as much as they need witty banter, awkward moments and spaces to catch our breath.

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