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Angad (AKA Andy and Shoe)

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About me

Hello my friends! My name is Angad Maan (AKA Shoe - long story), and being a Dungeon Master is one of my greatest passions. Ever since I was a kid, I've been a creative writer. I love creating new worlds, characters, and stories, and as soon as I discovered D&D, I fell in love with it. There's nothing better than sharing this passion with a group of enthusiastic and engaged players. My goal is to weave epic, character-driven stories with my players that leave us all thinking about it for days after the session. I take inspiration for my DM style from the classics, like Matt Mercer, Matt Colville, and Brennan Lee Mulligan. I have been a DM for almost 9. I have lots of experience with in-person and online sessions! When the pandemic hit, I pivoted from tabletop sessions to virtual, and have now logged over 200 virtual sessions clocking in at about 900 hours. I decided to I am well-versed in D&D 5e, and have taught many new players the game. I am very beginner-friendly and love to teach D&D to others! I'm happy to assist with character creation, both mechanically and story-wise. I use Discord and Roll20 to run games and put character sheets on D&D Beyond (with content sharing turned on). My campaigns offer a solid mix of roleplay and combat, but what is most important is the characters. Combat pushes the narrative forward, develops characters' story arcs, and challenges them to grow. I love building adventures and campaigns around characters' backstories, and combat reflects that! Of course, combat is also awesome, and I love tactical, memorable fights that challenge the players. I run campaigns in my homebrew world of Ienara, which I have been building for 5 years now. I love working with players to develop aspects of this world, so that their character can truly feel like a part of it. Want your character to be from a floating city in the middle of the ocean that did not previously exist in Ienara? Let's do it! The world is dynamic, and I like to emphasize that this is a collaborative story. Me, the DM, and you, the players, help Ienara develop its lore through the sessions that we play together. Your characters are not just plopped into a premade homebrew setting - they are part of its canon, its history, and its future! I run games RAW, but I use the rule of cool and am also a fan of homebrew. I do some homebrewing myself, as well. Want to create a new spell? Sure! Have a homebrew subclass you want to try? Let's test it out! The most important thing is everyone enjoys their characters and has fun. If this sounds like the right fit for you, let me know! Let's weave some unforgettable adventures together!

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