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Jordan Leathers

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Jordan Leathershe/him

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7 years
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About me

Like a hermit wizard trained in the school of allusion I have sought a quiet place to pursue art, literature and music. I have proficiency with an herbalism kit and my many handwritten tomes can't be read, only interpreted. As the mood strikes me, I will practice a song on my keyboard or pin arrows to a target with my compound bow. When possible, I will go play cards, MTG: EDH. I want to pet your dogs. I am allergic to your cats. Pizza is pretty great but not as good as curry. I listen to too much Alina Baraz and Doja Cat. I haven't read enough from Kristin Cashore or Sarah J. Maas. I look forward to learning more about you!

GM style

The three pillars of adventure in an RPG are exploration, social interaction and combat. If you're like me you're expecting to get a taste of each. I want you to feel like you can discover new and ancient secrets while making fierce friends and vanquishing fearsome foes. I'm constantly trying to improve my ability to deliver a more immersive experience where possible. My style emphasizes a need for roleplay before combat or exploration. I want to help you feel like your character belongs and matters in the place and way that you imagine them. This is different for everyone. I look forward to preparing to run any vital elements that validate your character's experience. I am most interested in seeing how your character will make an impact on the world. I want to afford you the opportunity to be someone else for a while, make meaningful choices in that personality, and hopefully have some fun. I look forward to learning more about your character!

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