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Alyxe Khei

1 year on StartPlaying

Highly rated for: Inclusive, Storytelling, Creativity

About me

I'm Alyxe! I wear a lot of hats: I spent the 2010's as a cosplay and fashion designer, then spent my pandemic getting a Master's Degree in Popular Culture. I'm currently a full time "budo bum", traveling through Asia and training martial arts. It's a good life. I've been playing RPG's since middle school, and absolutely adore them. I'm very far on the "drama kid" side of the RP spectrum - at their best, RPGs are a fabulous tool for exploring emotional and existential issues. At their worst, they're still pretty fun. I'm nonbinary, and my games are very queer-friendly spaces.

GM style

I've been running games for 20+ years, and I would describe my GMing style as "Big Fights, Big Feels." I love running big bombastic action sequences, but ultimately making those action sequences about characters' emotional states and relationships. I'm a big fan of shared narrative and "player-driven" games, building the world and storyline off of the player character's backstories, ambitions, and inner struggles rather than using a pre-conceived adventure that players slot themselves into. I come from a background in improv comedy, and I always try to "yes, and" my players. I am very much a tinkerer when it comes to games mechanics - I seem them less as a set of laws to be followed, and more as a malleable set of tools for facilitating gameplay experiences.


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