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About me

I'm a 29yo nonbinary artist whose passion lies in storytelling! The most important things to me in ttrpgs are fun, roleplay, and story (including player characters' backstories, not just plot). I've been DMing for about 10 years and playing D&D for about 15. I love homebrew and having the players add onto the setting with locations, plot hooks, NPCs, deities, whatever they (reasonably) want to add! New players always welcome! Being LGBTQ+ myself, obviously this table loves and welcomes LGBTQ+ players! Do not expect a rules lawyer here; the rules are here for me to use as a base, something to fall back on, but ultimately we're here to have fun and do cool things. Rules can and will be waived or bent in my games - but only in the favor of the players, never to try and put you at a disadvantage. I'm here to challenge the player characters and be their guide through the world they explore. Sure, the dice gods may demand a death every once in a blue moon, but I'm 100% the party's biggest fan. This is also a space for us to escape reality; my games DO NOT include racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. either in game or at the table. It will not be tolerated. Yes, that applies to things such as "monstrous" races and their societies. There is no "inherently evil" at my table. The most realistic evil you'll see at my table are capitalists, monarchies, and player characters' horrible families from their tragic backstories. Was a professional player in Hp2Xp and isFriday livestreamed games 'Adventures in Umbranthal' and 'Crypt of the Ruby Dragon.' (also: conversational in American Sign Language, sign isn't listed as a language here)

GM style

Fun and roleplay are the focuses of my games. My favorite thing from DMing is always watching the player characters get to know each other, seeing their dynamics throughout the games, and how they handle things together. Combat is fun and I enjoy it, but I definitely am not a dungeon crawl DM. "Fun" can mean deadly and stressful situations for the characters, of course. I don't go easy on my players, and I love presenting them with interesting conflict!


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