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💎Alexander Kay
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2 years on StartPlaying

784 games hosted

Highly rated for: Storytelling, Voices, Inclusive

Average response time: 6 hours

Response rate: 100%

About me

💥 1 of the **TOP** Recommended DM's on StartPlaying! 💥 (*Most of the time*) I'm so happy you're here! Well, get ready for my edgelord backstory... Since I was young, I've always loved fantasy storytelling. Finding a passion for TTRPG's has reignited a part of me that I thought I had lost. That childlike Imagination and creativity, newly reborn into something better; more mature, closer to the heart. Above everything else, that is what I stand to offer to my players. With me, you'll be transported to amazing worlds of daring adventure, soaring joy, and sorrowful heartache. I offer an experience bathed in wonder without losing the humanity that makes stories truly great. I'm a writer/Digital Artist, so you best believe that you'll see me bring that to our games! I'm also VERY accepting of people's identities, so you can be sure to find a safe space at my table. (Unless you're a dickbag)

GM style

Roleplay Style: In-character conversations, Voices, Character descriptions, Backstories, Culture, etc. Combat Style: In my opinion, the best fight is one where the players *almost* die, but snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. I won't fudge my rolls, but when things are dire, I'll often offer my opinion or advice. I'm rooting for you, but without the threat of death, combat can't carry real emotional intensity. World Immersion: You best believe I have entire languages, countries, cultures, and belief systems planned out. I've got enough planning to fool you crazy people into believing I've got it all figured out, and just enough of it unplanned to make sure I can change details on the fly. Rule of Cool Style: I won't allow just ANY fun idea to happen, but if it makes sense and is plausible, you're probably gonna receive advantage on the roll. Some things are too cool not to work. Rules OR Fun: Rules bring order and balance to DnD, So I'm more likely to abide by them more often than not. However, if a rule is causing a lack of enjoyment for me or my players, I'll structure a new one. Published or Homebrew: All published works are allowed at my table, and most UA, Homebrew will simply have to be vetted by me for setting compatibility, narrative synergy, and gameplay balance. Adult Content: When DMing for Adults, All *intimate* scenes will have a fade to black and some fun rolls to keep things lighthearted and fun. R-Rated Content: When DMing for Adults, All R-Rated content is permitted. Excluding any Player Triggers, Overly descriptive scenes, and SA. (I don't F with that crap.)

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