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About me

Hello! I'm Akulvo; writer, artist, and aspiring game developer (still at the very basics...). I've been playing TTRPGs for almost a decade now and plan to add on several more years to my playtime. I'm a nerd who enjoys nerdy things like anime, manga, videogames, writing, roleplaying, and so on! My favorite anime/manga are Gurren Lagann, FMA Brotherhood, Saga of Tanya the Evil, Konosuba, and Samurai Champloo but I also enjoy several others. Theres far too many to name. My favorite video games are the Souls series, Dungeons, Rim World, Dwarf Fortress, Vermintide 2, Dragons Dogma, BG3, DOS2, Overlord, Rust, and Terraria. Again, several others as there are far too many to list off without making this incredibly long. I like to draw and even do art commissions from time to time. If the party is interested, I might be down to draw up the player characters as a group! I tend to do fantasy character drawings for D&D characters, OCs, or even ideas for a web comic I have been wanting to make. My interests are nerdy and varied and I hope that we share enough to talk about them together! I want to make friends with my players and treat the group as a group of friends after all! Hope you enjoy my group!

GM style

Welcome Adventurers! Do you like delving into ancient dungeons? Do you like slaying beasts and monsters for gold and glory? Do you enjoy rich and intricate story telling experiences? Then you've come to the right place! Hello, I am Akulvo! I am a Dungeon Master with around 8 years of experience under my belt in both modules and homebrew settings. While I do prefer entirely homebrew games within a setting of my own design, I like to run a module to get to know my players first and understand them and their play styles. I tend to run my games with a stronger focus on storytelling, but I also strive to make my combat encounters exciting and interesting. Encounters of "I attack and deal x damage and end my turn." tend to get insanely stale insanely fast. Therefore, if you enjoy combat with some more flare and interesting mechanics, then I got the perfect game for you! I am a text only dm and have my entire experience set in text only games. While normally text games tend to be quite slow, I type very fast and DM quite fast so the pacing doesn't get stale or lag behind. Additionally, I love to put the player's stories in the campaign itself, giving each of them a personal quest line related to their character backstories. Some of them can be quite simple; like chasing a target for revenge, while others can be much more intricate. I love deep characters with rich personalities, desires, goals, and flaws. We're here to immerse ourselves in a rich story telling experience, right? So might as well delve into it as much as we can. If my style of GMing sounds like something you're interested in, give my group a try! I promise you will enjoy your stay at my table.

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