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Rao Gung

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About me

Greetings, heroes. You want to know my backstory? Well, I began my experience as a game master in elementary school running games on 3-way calls with my two best friends. No rules, just a collaborative storytelling that engaged us for hours upon hours (and wow, did those phone bills got me in trouble). Sorry, Mom. This eventually paved the way for more structured games as I got older and I ran several long-term campaigns with Marvel Super Heros (TSR), Dungeons and Dragons 2e, and many others back in the 90s. D&D 3e (and 4e) brought on several campaigns in Forgotten Realms and Eberron. When D&D 5e came out, I ran several groups, both at home and local game shops with Adventurers League. I even had the privilege to run games at PAX Unplugged. I have been running online games for nearly 4 years, experimenting with various platforms to make the best game experience possible. I am passionate about storytelling and love watching players grow and develop at the table. Entertaining my table leaves me with a strong sense of accomplishment.

GM style

I try to keep these principles in mind when running a game: • Players are the main characters in the story. • Never take away player agency • Choices and consequences matter, and the world should bend and react to these choices as much as possible. • Make the game a fun shared experience between all players While each adventure and campaign world has its own feel, which can drastically change themes or tone of a game, I generally try to keep these concepts constant. • Vivid action – Combat either on grids or theater of the mind. I like intense action which pushes characters and raises the stakes. Some games might use battle maps, others might be theater of the mind. In every case things are intense and challenging. • Who you are is important – I like to understand and work with players to know the characters' motivations, why they do things, and what they are seeking. While many of these motivations might not show up in a standard adventure, it helps the player find their voice and provide a compass duing play. Character creation is an amazing discovery for players and I enjoy being a supporting guide through the process. • Living World – I set out to make the world feel alive and for you to be a part of it. NPCs will react and grow based on players' actions. And while I attempt to create distinct voices - I'm not a professional voice actor - so expect some silliness or inconsistent accents sometimes. • Open Communication – Feedback is always important, both to development of character and player experience. If there is anything you want to change or explore or things that make you uncomfortable, my door is always open to discuss, develop, and correct course. Also very beginner friendly. We are here to have a great time – so let’s do that together.

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