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Retired Navy Submarine Captain that started playing D&D in 1981. I provide my players a truly immersive game experience due to my background in leadership, combat, and computers. ✅ Challenging combat that encourages 3D tactical thinking ✅ Unique visual aids, ambient music and sound effects ✅ Incorporates player creativity - "Yes, you can do that!" 🌳 🚨 A portion of fees are donated to the Military & Veterans Gamers Charity🚨 5500+ hours on Roll20! ADMIRAL ADVENTURES is a guild of "up and coming" professional DMs. There is a shortage of DMs in the world and I am doing my part to help add to the pool of elite professional DMs. I selectively screen new DMs to make sure they have the temperance and skills to run campaigns for ADMIRAL ADVENTURES. Current DMs include: Andrei Cristian Ruiu Zane Buescher Joe Whetmore If interested in joining The Admiral's guild, you can DM me on my Discord server or contact me directly through SPG.

GM style

✅ Patient mentor of new players ✅ Creates unique maps that enhance 3D combat ✅ Incorporates ambient music and sound effects ✅ Uses uniquely created imagery to enhance narration ✅ Available outside of sessions to assist with character development ✅ Graciously accepts real time feedback to improve future sessions ✅ Roleplays with different voices to the best of my ability

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