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About me

I'm Adam (he/him, 🏳️‍🌈), and I'm the kind of DM who'll take that intriguing little detail in your character's backstory and turn it into the next phase of the campaign. I play the long game and I'm all about the little details, leaving both clues and little jokes for observant players to notice. I try to run the sort of games I want to play in. I also know to check my privilege because I'm white and cisgender-male. I'm a cat dad, and you may see my Purrtato's tail on-cam from time to time. I moved to the west coast years ago, where I found my community through running D&D games. I didn't know I had a talent for voices until I started playing D&D 3.5 and felt emboldened by another shameless roleplayer at the table. I'd love to give other people a platform for finding their voices.

GM style

I've got a number of voices in my pocket, and I'm constantly experimenting with new ones. I'm a big fan of enabling player secrets and doling out unique campaign-relevant lore to each player. I lean heavily toward maps and top-down minis for combat, and I've been experimenting with using maps for other scenes so that maps don't always imply imminent violence. I try to make battle a challenge, but I'm rooting for the players to win. (Rhetorically, however, I'm absolutely trying to murder your PCs.) I'll either play straight with or subvert genre tropes depending on the game I'm running and the vibe my players are into. If I'm running a comedic story, I'll lampshade some of the weirder narrative elements of the fantasy TTRPG genre. In a more serious campaign, though, I work to let my players immerse themselves in the setting. Tonal variation is my jam. Did anyone else catch their first episode of Critical Role or Dimension 20 and think, "Man, I'd love to (DM/play in) a game like that?" I honestly think it's possible with thorough enough session zero agreements and a group interested in trying. TTRPGs are a perfect place to let your inner actor out to play.

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