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Vito The Illustrious Bard

2 years on StartPlaying

Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Voices

About me

A storyteller, an ally, and a monster – these are the facets that define a truly great Game Master, and I embody them all. For over a decade, I've poured my heart and soul into the art of spinning tales, forging friendships, and becoming the ultimate adversary to all who dare to sit at my table. Drawing from more than a decade of experience, I can promise you this: I will channel all that knowledge and passion to craft an evening of adventure and peril that you and your companions will carry with you forever. So, take a leap of faith, roll the dice, and let me prove to you that the title of Game Master is not given; it is earned through blood, sweat, and the shared stories that shape our journeys.

GM style

Greetings, fellow adventurers, Prepare to be enchanted by the one and only Vito the Illustrious, your Dungeon Master extraordinaire, with a rich tapestry of 15 years in the realm of Dungeons & Dragons. I am a master of the art of storytelling, blending melodies and words to create experiences that will leave you spellbound. In the heat of battle, I am a maestro, crafting encounters that are not just challenges of might, but intricate dances of strategy where your choices are the key to victory. The battlefield is your canvas, and your decisions paint the masterpiece. Yet, D&D is not merely a game of combat; it's a tapestry of stories woven with the threads of your characters' journeys. I am the weaver of these narratives, forging connections with my players that transcend the tabletop. When you step into my world, you become part of a tale that will linger in your heart long after the dice have settled. Newcomers to this grand adventure, fear not, for I delight in guiding fresh souls into the fold, and I've even initiated my own games with novices, watching them blossom into seasoned adventurers. While my heart beats to the rhythm of horror and mystery, I revel in the challenge of any genre. There's no limit to the worlds we can create together. If you can imagine it, I can manifest it. Just send me a raven before you book, and we shall conjure the extraordinary. In the end, I am an unapologetic lover of D&D and a collector of tales. Meeting new players and crafting extraordinary adventures is not just a hobby; it's my calling. So, if you're ready to traverse realms unknown, gather your courage, and let Vito the Illustrious lead you on a journey beyond imagination. To our epic quests and unforgettable stories, Vito the Illustrious


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