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Isaac "Achoobert"

Less than a year on StartPlaying


13 games hosted


Highly rated for: Creativity, Teacher, Knows the Rules


Average response time: 5 hours


Response rate: 67%

About me

I've been addicted to actual plays for years, captivated by the dynamic story economy—writer-players are deeply invested in their characters; thus driving the narrative in unexpected ways. My favorite system of all time is Fate Accelerated! My approach will not be about seeing your characters succeed, or to tell you a on-rails story. I aim to put your character to into Ş̷̇ ̶̜͂I̸̥͎̐ ̸̥͉̃̈́T̶̼̗̏ ̴͇̼͗͠U̷̩̇͋ ̵̰̿͝Ą̴̫̂ ̴̨̟̃͛T̸̙͋ ̴̲̝͆͠Ḯ̴̢̲ ̴̢̓̇O̴̡͕̿͝ ̶͈͗̍N̵̳̦̄ ̶̪̙̽Ṣ̷̂ To play you will need - discord for voice chat, and - web browser (Chrome) to interact with maps, dice, and character sheets via FoundryVTT I am not Mr. Mercer, but aspire to someday reach the level of Midst and The Adventure Zone. Lack of training and skill in voice acting can be made up with via enthusiasm... right? Join me in crafting adventures where your characters live, breathe, and grow! 🤖 I use AI ...I am(for now) too broke to pay an artist 🤖

GM style

At my table, your characters takes center stage. I'm dedicated to weaving a rich tapestry of inter-player character interactions, using every tool at my disposal to explore the character of 'The Party.' My favorite tool for descriptions is to use cinematic language; "the camera pans..." "we have a smash cut to..." My narrative style is all about collaboration; I want to hear from you, the players. How does your character perceive the unfolding events? What emotions are stirred within them by the challenges they face? The world we're creating together is all about your characters! Whatever your comfort level with roleplay, my table will be a place where your stories will flourish. Let's embark on a shared journey!


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