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The Playful Bear

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About me

Hii! My name is Daniel, a game designer who goes by the name of The Playful Bear online. I'm a dutchie at heart living near the coast with my BF and enough space to adopt a dog soon (Hopefully). I love to make warm hearthy stews to share with my friend and I am three hairs on my feet away from being a Hobbit. I was put on this great green earth to explain game rules to people! For the past 7 years I've been in love with TTRPG's because they are such a perfect blend of gaming, improv and storytelling. It is a truelly unique environment where you can experience humor and emotions like nowhere else. I'd like for as many people to experience this and guide them through it. So le'ts start a story!

GM style

In my games I bring enthousiasme, knowledge of gaming and rules, openness and expertise in storytelling and complex NPC’s. And I embrace the chaos! Not everything will go as planned and that is okay, sometimes even great. It is the moments of surprise where the magic happens. What I love about d&d is that there is space for roleplay, where my heart is. But it is also a tactical game that can satisfy the itch of solving a puzzle in combat and... puzzles. Focused storytelling I love to explore in other RPG's like honey heist, for the queen or Feather, Beak and Bone.

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