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About me

Well hello, I’m Kaz. To put it perhaps a bit bluntly, I’ve been Writing for TTRPGs freelance or on staff for ten years, and DMing for 16 years or so. I tend to use at least a bit of homebrew no matter what system I’m running. I tend to run Intrigue, Survival, or Horror Games with an action lean. I hope to make enjoyable mature oriented games with you all. Also this is my Cat.

GM style

My DMing style is a bit eclectic, but I do my best to bring a world to life with fleshed out NPCs, worlds, ecologies, webs of events, and meaty role play. My combat style changes depending on the game, and what best suits it’s themes and narrative. With willingness to create or refine systems to fit narrative structure or the themes of the game.

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