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Hail and well met! I'm Chris, better known on the interwebs as chrizak- a name I earned back in my metal band days. Feel free to inquire about it's origins! I've been here on StartPlaying for nearly a year, and I must say, this community is amazing- passionate and respectful to boot. I feel truly blessed to be on this journey. I share the same passion and respect, and I dedicate myself completely to creating a memorable experience. I bring with me a wealth of knowledge within roll20, where I've clocked over 3000 hours learning, and sharpening my ability to immerse players into the world of fantasy and imagination. I'm comfortable with improvisation, although not a master of any sorts, but hey, I'll let you be the judge! When I'm not prepping or running games, I'm usually messing around on my drum kit or in the garden playing plant daddy. I am a huge fan of horror, sci-fi, all things sword and shield. My favorites include Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Marvel/DC, Predator and Matrix series.

GM style

My GM style is geared towards letting players do what they do best- everyone has their chance to shine! Combat is heavy, usually at least one good fight per session. I will include the other three pillars(role play, puzzles, exploration) throughout our campaign as well. As a player, you will have a plethora of options to choose from regarding how we proceed on game night. I don't typically run random encounters- I feel that each encounter should be memorable and based on which path the characters choose. That being said, this is one of the game mechanics I will let the group decide. You'll likely run into situations and creatures that you can engage or ignore, at your discretion. My games are heavy on visualization as well, which allows for a heightened level of immersion. Most of my maps(outside of those offered in the official book) are created or imported via pro subscription with Inkarnate, or purchased directly from DMsguild. I'm constantly working to improve them. I make the most out of API scripts with a pro subscription to Roll20. Each player will have access to my full compendium of marketplace purchases to assist with character creation. There will be many hidden gems you find throughout your journey at my table!

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