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About me

I've been playing and DMing for about 25 years now(I know, I know, I'm old). I focus mostly on humor and action, but I do enjoy quality roleplaying when I can help make it happen. One of my proudest moments as a DM is having a player text me the next day and tell me that he had an actual nightmare after a horror session I ran. I'm pretty flexible and responsive to a group's needs and concerns, or at least I try to be. I think consistent tone is the most important thing when playing with strangers. I am also a self-published author with two novels out. Both are in a setting that I also use for fantasy gaming, though of course, what works for a gaming campaign needs to be adapted for books, and vice versa. I firmly believe the scariest setting for a horror session is "trapped in a Walmart".

GM style

As a DM I tend focus on tactical combat and humor. I enjoy and reward good roleplay. I've worked with many diverse styles of roleplayer and I try to adapt myself and my style to make sure no one is left behind or feels left out. I want min/making roleplayers to enjoy the satisafaction of a clever build, and I want more casual/RP focused players to feel effective and impactful. I try pretty hard to strike a good balance, and above all, I try to be responsive to feedback to help dial-in the experience for the group, because if someone's not having fun, then something's not right.


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